The Best Places to Get a Sweet Treat on Anna Maria Island

Anyone looking to relax and enjoy some downtime on Anna Maria Island, Florida, should know all about our resort rooms at The Anna Maria Beach Resort. From visiting the village of the arts in Bradenton to booking a kayak tour around the island, if you’re staying here solo or with your family, you’ll find plenty of Anna Maria Island attractions to keep you occupied, and AMI’s delicious opportunities to grab a sweet treat are no exclusion. 

When you’re done frolicking in the water, rejuvenating on one of the white sand beaches of Anna Maira Island, or playing a leisurely game of horseshoes with some of the other guests, you’ll probably be in the mood for some dessert.

Fortunately, Anna Maria Island has some of the best spots to grab a quick treat! 

Two Scoops

This ice cream shop boasts an impressive collection of flavors, including traditional fares like chocolate and vanilla. You may be ready to get a little more daring, though, since you’re on vacation. 

The s’mores flavor really does taste like a toasty s’more you’d make in front of a campfire, minus the heat, of course. You might also go with the muddy sneaker or the decadent birthday cake. 

This restaurant also has a full breakfast and lunch menu, but the ice cream sets it apart from the other contenders who’d like to be crowned the best dessert on Anna Maria Island. 

Anna Maria Island Creamery and Bakery

The Anna Maria Island Creamery and Bakery is another worthy contender if you’ve got ice cream on your mind. It bills itself as serving authentic Italian fare, and the owners emphasize that they only use local dairy products and fresh fruits for their gelatos and other frozen concoctions.

This style of ice cream is served at warmer temperatures than the harder varieties you might have tried before. It’s creamier, and there are fewer heavy ingredients.

The Donut Experiment

If donuts are more your flavor, it’s hard to turn down the colorful, fanciful varieties you’ll find at The Donut Experiment. The donuts are fried to perfection right in front of you, and they’re slightly crispy on the outside while staying sweet and soft on the inside.

The white chocolate drizzle and the delicate strawberry icing are proven winners. Our Anna Maria Island Resort guests can’t stop raving about this local favorite. You can buy these delicious donuts as single treats, but half dozen and dozens are also available to feed your hungry group. 

Hometown Desserts

The simple name of Hometown Desserts belies the astonishing assortment of culinary delights that await you inside this modest establishment. Choose from cakes, pies, cheesecakes, and brownies. They’re all works of art, nearly as much fun to stare at as they are to eat. 

The key lime pie with the graham cracker crust is a Florida tradition, but maybe you’re more inclined to satisfy your chocolate craving. If so, the bourbon chocolate pecan pie should send you into a cocoa-induced ecstasy. 

The Cheesecake Cutie Cafe

Cheesecake is the star here, as the name implies. There’s much to be said for the Anna Maria Island ice cream shops on our list, but cheesecake is a more decadent dessert, and we’d wager you’ve earned it.

The mini cheesecakes are called “cuties,” you can buy them individually, by the half dozen, or by the dozen if you’ve got a few hungry mouths to feed. The white chocolate raspberry is hard to beat, but it gets stiff competition from the white chocolate peppermint. Be on the lookout for holiday favorites like pumpkin spice when it’s in season.   

The Waffle Press

Few food items are as versatile as the waffle, and The Waffle Press shows us the capabilities of this breakfast staple. The Liege-style waffle gets the royal treatment here. It’s caramelized on the outside and dusted with pearl sugar that gets baked during the cooking process.

What’s nice about the Liege waffle is that it does have a distinct sweetness, but it’s also not overpowering. Enjoy it on its own or as a base for a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich. The perfect treat for sweet and savory! 

Dips Ice Cream

Dips Ice Cream has been around for nearly thirty years, and the kitsch factor when you step in the doors is through the roof. You’ll be surrounded by a dizzying display of hats and trinkets, but don’t let all the razzle-dazzle fool you. This is still a serious ice cream shop with some of the best flavors available on the island.

The double fudge brownie is loaded with brownie chunks, while the cotton candy twister is the best sugary treat. Other favorites include the rum raisin, which seldom gets the accolades that it’s due, and the Malibu coconut rum, which will remind you of light Caribbean breezes. 

Fudge Factory

We’ll conclude our list with The Sarasota Fudge Factory, which has a wide selection of fudges, caramel popcorn, and other sweet treats that stretch the bounds of creativity. Heavenly smells and desserts made from scratch await you here!

While you can’t go wrong with milk chocolate or white chocolate buckeyes, you can’t leave without trying a piece of chocolate-covered bacon. It’s exactly what it sounds like, but delicious beyond compare!

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