Take an Eco Tour on Anna Maria Island

Do yourself a favor and add Anna Maria Island tours to your list of things to do in Anna Maria Island. An eco-tour is the perfect way to connect with Anna Maria Island. Be warned that an eco-tour will have you wanting to come back over and over again once you experience the myriad of wildlife that calls Anna Maria Island home.

Anna Maria Island is a fun-packed destination that will make you not want to leave. Renowned for its beaches and Anna Maria Island boat tours, Anna Maria Island has the perfect weather to bask in and stunning sunsets that you can grace your socials with.

You will be in awe of all the stunning views beyond the beach. Anna Maria Island has a rich culture that you will easily catch a glimpse of on the streets. After a long day of exploring, come back and relax in one of our king island rooms at Anna Maria Island Beach Resort!

An amazing way to enjoy all that Anna Maria Island has to offer is by taking an eco-tour. At Anna Maria Beach Resort, we have done extensive research and found the perfect eco-tours to give you that splendid adventure across Anna Maria Island. Here is our detailed list of eco tour providers in Anna Maria Island with amazing packages.

Anna Maria Island Dolphin Tours

Enjoy a tour from Anna Maria Island Dolphin Tours. Their dolphin tours promise an up-close interaction with excited and happy dolphins who call the gulf waters of Anna Maria Island home. 

The tour is 2 hours long and takes you on a cheerful trip to see bottlenose dolphins playing throughout the seven miles. You will also be lucky enough to see more wildlife cruising away in these gulf waters including turtles, manatees, eagles, osprey, and many more stunning creatures.

You also get the option of a private dolphin tour with up to 18 of your friends or family friends. For bird watchers, look into the sky and take note of the stunning types of birds. 

Another choice is the Public Sandbar Trip. Here you can enjoy a fun-filled adventure through great sandbars renowned in Anna Maria Island. The sandbar excursion stops at the famous Jewish Key for an additional memorable encounter with nature. You can also relax and cool off the day’s heat by swimming in the water. 

Be sure to carry a bag because you will spot shells to take back to your loved ones.  You will also spot sand dollars, hermit crabs, and other wonders on this excursion. 

Happy Paddler Kayak Tours & EcoVentures

This amazing agency is fully vibrant with its love and excitement about nature, especially the waters. Happy Paddler Kayak Tours & EcoVentures has a variety of adventures fit for vacationers of all ages. 

Choose the Coastal Island Tour package and enjoy kayaking with manatees and dolphins. This tour is excellent for those looking to play with dolphins. Select the Mangrove Kayak Tour for a tour into the mangroves. 

This tour package allows you to kayak into the pristine mangrove forests around Longboat Key, Anna Maria Island, and Sarasota Bay. The Sunset Kayak Tour takes you on an excursion across the coast and gives you a chance to see picture-worthy sunsets while kayaking. 

group of kayakers in ocean
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AMI Escapes Boat Tours

Your younger family members will surely enjoy a dolphin tour with AMI Escapes Boat Tours. This family-centric tour provider knows just the right locations you and your family can visit to spot dolphins. 

The cherry on top of the cake is that all dolphin tours by AMI Escapes Boat Tours are always private, allowing you and your family the perfect environment and privacy to make memories. 

AMI Escapes Boat Tours also offers tours around Beer Can Island. Beer Can Island, located on the northern point of Longboat Key, is a spectacular location. This beach offers a stunning natural environment where you can easily spot rays. 

This is one of Florida’s most photographed beaches, thanks to its white powder sand, aged tree trunks, and crystal blue water. So be sure to be on the lookout for a perfect picture. 

You can also choose to take your family on their snorkeling tour. Snorkeling at Egmont Key is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view diverse types of sea life. Because of the clean and shallow waters, this cruise suits divers of all ability levels. 

AMI Escapes takes pleasure in offering visitors high-quality snorkeling equipment to help them get the most out of their underwater experience on Egmont Key.

AMI Charters

AMI Charters offers a variety of tours, including boat tours that are just perfect for vacationers wanting to enjoy the gulf waters. The boat tours vary in terms of hours from 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 hours. 

Longer boat tours are just a good way to spend your day exploring all the Anna Maria Island wonders and its wildlife. A special boat tour by AMI charters is the Sunset Charter which takes you on an elegant cruise for 2 hours graced with beautiful views of the sun setting over Anna Maria Island. 

Similarly, AMI Charters has fishing trips running for either, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 hours. A special fishing charter by AMI Charters is the 2-hour Kid’s Fishing trip that allows both amateur and expert kids to fish for amazing catches. 

Also, the tarpon fishing charter is a guided tour that takes you to spots where you can catch both large and small tarpon for that perfect picture to flex back home.  

Zegway by the Bay

Zegway by the Bay offers amazing excursions that are one of a kind. Zegway by the Bay only uses segways to take tourists across Anna Maria Island. Unique, right? With years of experience, the provider has narrowed down tours to specific adventurous spots that will leave you and your loved ones in awe. 

Their historic Bridge Street tour takes you to old Florida on a segway as you soak in historic monuments that bring you closer to understanding Anna Maria Island’s culture. 

The Island Vibes Experience offers a unique experience where you enjoy cruising Anna Maria Island and enjoy a musical vibe from African drumming. There are amazing views to see on the island without breaking a sweat!

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