Take a Tour De Paddle with One of These Anna Maria Island Kayak Tours

There are many things to do in Anna Maria Island; however, two of the most popular activities are kayaking and kayak tours. Kayak tours are an excellent activity for the entire family, as there are tours for people of all ages. As you paddle through the stunning AMI waters, you can expect to see many land animals and marine life types.

Continue reading to learn about some of the best Anna Maria Island kayak tours and rental opportunities. 

AMI Paddleboard

One of the best places to rent a paddleboard or kayak is AMI Paddleboard. They have many different options, and booking a rental is simple. The people here are easy to work with and the customer service is fantastic. They care about their customers and want nothing but happiness and enjoyment for their kayak adventure. Among their various tour options, AMI Paddleboard hosts the Mangrove Kayak and Paddleboard Eco Tour as well. 

Mangrove Kayak & Paddleboard Eco Tour

If you are looking to kayak amongst mangroves while on Anna Maria Island, then this tour with AMI Paddleboard is perfect for you. This tour will allow you to paddle your way through the scenic mangrove trees with a guide to educate you about the area and its wildlife. While on this tour, you may see some bottom dwellers, including crabs and starfish! Before heading into the tunnels, you may even be lucky to see dolphins or manatees! 

Manatee swimming beside a kayak on Anna Maria Island

Your guide will point out the wildlife that is visible along the way. A guide can also help beginners who have never been kayaking or paddleboarding before. This is an Anna Maria Island tour that almost anyone can do! Remember that you should be sure to bring sunscreen, towels, and a swimsuit. Water shoes are also recommended for those in kayaks. However, those on paddleboards will have an easier time without water shoes. 

Happy Paddler Tours

Happy Paddler Tours has many guided tours available that vary based on skill level and personal preference. Each tour has a guide and will take you near different scenery. Happy Paddler Tours are very inclusive to beginners and are even appropriate for children to go on as well. 

Coastal Island Tour

The Coastal Island Tour is one of the best kayak tours on AMI. It is rated #1 by guests who have utilized Happy Paddlers! On this tour, you can expect to see a lot of wildlife, including many birds, dolphins, and manatees. There are many other marine creatures that you will see. However, it is not guaranteed that you will see it every time. That is why your guide will point out wildlife currently in the area while you are on your tour. 

This is an inclusive tour, which means everyone is welcomed. You can make this a family adventure and bring your children. Beginners are welcome as well! Before each tour begins, there will be a lesson to ensure everyone knows how to be safe on their kayak or paddleboard. 

Group of people kayaking in Anna Maria Island on a tour
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Sunset Kayak Tour

If you’re looking for an unforgettable tour to experience with your partner, this kayak adventure is genuinely one to experience. As the sun goes down, the local wildlife begins heading to bed, meaning you’ll see birds fly overhead and marine life heading to their sleeping area. Your guide will highlight all the diverse marine life, so you’re sure not to miss any incredible sights.

Mangrove Kayak Tour

This tour is excellent for the whole family, including children. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to join. Lessons are provided before the tour begins. You will navigate through the mangroves and see diverse wildlife, from birds to marine animals and just about everything. 

On this tour, you will see what Florida’s coastline looked like before people developed the land. There are 700 acres of coastland that have been restored! This allows the wildlife to flourish. On your tours, you can expect to see a diversity of animals for which you’ll want to bring your camera!

Mangrove tour in Anna Maria Island

Kayak Fishing Charter

Kayak fishing charters will be for those of all ages and skill levels, perfect for enjoying the afternoon with your family. Each charter is around four hours long. Before the charter begins, a lesson about equipment and kayak usage will be provided. 

The best time to go on this charter is in the morning hours, as that is when local fish tend to be most active. However, your guide can determine if the charter will go out or not based on the weather that day. 

Plan Your Anna Maria Island Vacation!

When you book at our Anna Maria Island resort, you’re never far from endless opportunities for fun! Book your unbeatable AMI rental today and prepare to make endless memories on beautiful Anna Maria.

Beach Bums AMI

Beach Bums AMI is a beautiful place to get the best Anna Maria Island rentals. You can rent bikes, sailboats, kayaks, and even beach supplies! There is also an educated marine biologist on site to take you on tours. The biologist will point out wildlife on your kayak tours! 

It is suggested that you are available for at least three hours if you plan to go on a tour. This tour is a long excursion and full of educational experiences. Ensure that you allow yourself enough time to enjoy the tour without stressing. Remember that the tours can go longer than three hours, but three hours is an average tour time. 

Anna Maria Island is full of gorgeous views, best enjoyed from the comfort of a kayak. There are many tours available for people of all ages and experience levels. Kayak tours will allow you to see the diverse wildlife in the area. Guides are available to help ensure you do not miss a thing while touring on a kayak. 

Group of people kayaking on Anna Maria Island
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Kayak tours are a “can’t miss” when visiting Anna Maria Island. It is a highlight that many people talk about. You can take breathtaking pictures of your views, not to mention all the wildlife you will see!

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