Best Rates Guarantee

Why You Should Book Directly with the Anna Maria Beach Resort

Booking your Anna Maria Island rental should not feel like a total chore, but that is often the case when you go through a travel agency. Booking directly through us has many benefits, from getting the best rates to enjoying a more personalized experience from our friendly and professional staff. You can enjoy all the sights that Anna Maria Island offers while relaxing in all the comforts of home.

Benefits of Booking Direct

When you book directly with us, you get the best-guaranteed rate on the property you choose. You also avoid all the additional fees that you get when booking with a travel agency. In addition to not having to deal with extra costs, you will get special rate discounts that you cannot find anywhere else.

When you book directly, you have a better chance of getting your rental preference to sweeten the deal. For example, if you are looking for a two-bedroom unit that is close to one of Anna Maria Island’s gorgeous, white sandy beaches, we will do our best to help you find the perfect place to stay.

Book Direct and Save: No Additional Fees Charged for Using the Site

When you book direct, you avoid fees added just for using a booking platform. We understand that price is a factor in how and where you book, so avoid the mess and book direct! There are plenty of better things you could spend that extra cash on while relaxing during your trip to Anna Maria Island.

When you book through an online agency, cancellations and itinerary changes can be a headache. They often impose fees for changes and cancellations, and getting a refund can be like pulling teeth. If you need to make changes or cancel altogether, you won’t incur those elevated fees if you book directly through our website.

Access to Local Customer Support from Planning Through Departure

From the get-go, you will get local customer support. Our staff are highly trained and know how to ease you through the entire planning process, leading right up to your departure. Whatever questions, comments, or concerns arise during that time, you will have someone there to answer them – they are only a phone call away.

Should something go wrong with your stay or the trip, you would get better customer service if you booked directly through us. As a valued customer who booked directly, we make you our priority. Many people find that when they book through an online travel agency (or OTA for short) customer service agent, they do not get treated as a priority, and things can take more time since that agent has to act as a liaison between them and the rental property.

Easy Booking Process

Booking one of our Anna Maria Island resorts is easy. The process is more streamlined, and any questions you have will be immediately answered by one of our personnel. You can easily book online or over the phone.

Again, booking directly is a lot more flexible. If you need to make changes or cancel your stay, the process is simpler and less punitive than it is with many OTAs. Want to make an upgrade? We’re happy to try to accommodate. All you must do is contact us to let us know what it is that you need.