Visit the Village of the Arts in Bradenton

While there is certainly no shortage of things to do on Anna Maria Island, the Village of the Arts in Bradenton stands out among the rest. The Village was born from The Artists Guild of Manatee, a non-profit organization formed in 1999 with a mission to “build a community where artists live and work while enhancing the quality of life and creating a harmonious environment.” With the help of community residents and village businesses/homeowners, it is safe to say that they successfully accomplished this goal. The Village of the Arts is a thriving and ever-growing community that prides itself on enhancing neighborhood life and producing an environment that nurtures the creative spirit of its residents. 

The Village is a live/work community in which you will find a variety of galleries, Bradenton Beach eateries, studios, specialty gift shops, and “healing art centers,” nearly all of which are housed in a beautiful, colorful landscape of restored homes from the early 20th century. While taking a stroll through the picturesque, bright village, you’ll quickly notice that it has something to offer everyone.

Whether you’re crazy for baked goods, have a vinyl collection, are interested in crystals, or want to get some knives sharpened, there is something particular in the village for every guest that wanders through. 

In recent years, the village has achieved a large amount of growth and has become one of the most visited, unique spots in Bradenton. Now is a better time than ever to visit the Village, as new events are being formed, new residents are moving in, and new businesses are setting up to cement their role in the Village’s community. 

While the individual hours of the Village’s businesses vary, you can check their website to see what is open on any given day. In addition, be sure to visit the Village of the Arts on the first Friday night or Saturday afternoon of each month for the village’s popular art walks. During these events, you’ll be greeted with special live music performances, fantastic food, and many indie art displays spanning various genres. 

How Far is Anna Maria Island from Bradenton? 

Centrally located, Anna Maria Island is just a short (roughly twenty-minute) drive away from the Village and the general Bradenton area. During a stay on the island, you’ll have no shortage of opportunities for unique and memorable experiences like this one. 

Eat & Drink 

One of the Village of the Art’s most delicious inclusions is its selection of places to chow down. If you’re looking for delicious restaurants near Anna Maria Island, look no further! No matter your favorite cuisine, you’re sure to find an array of options in the Village. 

A popular spot in the Village is the Birdrock Taco Shack, a casual eatery built out of a nearly century-old cottage. The Chef, David Shiplett, is well-loved and cherished in the village community for his creativity and bright personality. While some may not consider making food a form of artistry, one taste of Shiplett’s delicious creations at Birdrock is sure to change that perspective. Enjoy an array of gourmet tacos with zany ingredients, from duck to brussel sprouts! 

To taste Italy right in Bradenton, you can stop at Arte Caffe Italian Bakery. Owners Remo and Meridith Mambelli decided to open the pastel-colored cottage to offer their talents and authentic Italian flavors to the Village’s visitors. Remo arrived in the United States in 1990, and using the memories of cooking with his mother in childhood; he applied those techniques to create his incredible, authentic meals. 

In 2007, Chef Gaetano “Guy” Cannata opened his restaurant “Ortygia,” a Sicilian-French fusion restaurant with many influences, including traditionally Arab, North African, Spanish, and Greek flavors. Cannata came from a strongly connected community of Sicilian people in the New Jersey town he grew up in. Through that connection, he was able to pick up the skill of crafting delicious meals. Visit Ortygia for “Monzu”-style cooking you won’t want to miss. 

Motorworks Brewing is your one-stop shop for fantastic craft beer and delicious grub. The brewery, the first of its kind in Bradenton, was built from an old automobile dealership. Since then, the brewery has taken off, boasting Florida’s most extensive beer garden. Motorworks has a line-up of seven regularly served craft beers and a seasonal list that always offers a sip of excitement. 

Plan Your Visit

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As you know, there are endless shopping opportunities near Anna Maria Island, and The Village is no exception! The Village of the Arts has no shortage of novelty shops to visit, each distinct and unique, and each with its own collection of gorgeous wares for sale. No matter your niche, there is a store in the village for even the most obscure hobbies and interests. 

Suppose you’re interested in the mystical and spiritual. In that case, you should stop at The Village Mystic, a vast apothecary containing a variety of holistic products, artisan crafts, and gemstones from the Mystic Mines. This mining facility shares its home with the shop. The Mystic Mines boast many glittering wonders, its spacious caverns deeming it the most extensive mining attraction in Southwest Florida. That’s only part of it: You can attend Shaman-hosted classes regarding personal spirituality at Mystic, including a free class hosted each Saturday. 

Music is a highly influential form of art, and at Jerk Dog Records, there is no shortage of musical options. The shop is easy to find, standing out as the surrounding fence is adorned with dozens of records. In addition to records, you’ll also find zines for sale (and sometimes for free), and for those of you who want a record but have no means of playing it, they even have record players for sale! 

Housed in an otherwise ordinary-looking farm-style home is every thrift frequenter and antique lover’s dream. Frank Peter Antiques is a wonderland of vintage finds, some even dating back to the 1800s. From furniture to artwork and, naturally, a slew of miscellaneous trinkets, the antique shop is full of a kaleidoscope of options for your next fabulous find. 

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