What is the Weather Like in Anna Maria Island?

Anna Maria Island is your destination for a calm, relaxing, and welcoming Florida getaway. You won’t have to navigate between the high-rises but will instead pass quaint vacation homes and local establishments everywhere you turn, giving you a totally different experience than what you might find in cities like Orlando and Miami.

When you’re planning your getaway, you’ll first need to decide when you want to visit, and a big factor in that decision is the weather. While Anna Maria Island is definitely doable at any time of the year, there are certain seasons that will be more appealing than others.

Here is our complete guide to Anna Maria Island weather, as well as what to pack for your stay in one of our rentals.

Climate Overview

Sunset behind the pier overlooking the ocean

As you might expect from a Florida destination, Anna Maria Island stays warm all year long. Even during Christmastime, it’s rare to see the midday temperatures dip below 60 degrees. Summer is always going to be the hottest time of the year, as well as the wettest. However, summer also lends itself to the longer days, so you’ll have even more time to soak up the sunshine!


The spring months of March, April, and May are comfortable in Anna Maria Island, though as the season comes to a close, you’ll experience summer-like temperatures. Throughout March and April, average highs stay in the 70s and lows hover in the 60s. However, when May comes along, high temperatures jump up to the 80s and lows move up to the 70s. For the whole season, the mornings tend to be cooler, while the afternoon is the hottest part of the day, and the evenings remain hot but are typically bearable.

Precipitation is usually not an issue during spring in Anna Maria Island. There’s only about a 20%-30% chance on any given day. You’ll also have plenty of daylight with the 12- to 13-hour days throughout the springtime. Beware of humidity, though; March and April are pretty muggy most of the time, while May can get downright oppressive.


Summer in Anna Maria Island is one of the busiest times of the year, and it’s the ideal time to visit if you want to cool off with some fun watersports. Throughout June, July, and August, high temperatures stay in the 90s and lows dip into the 70s. You’ll definitely want to be spending as much time as possible in the water or experiencing the indoor activities with ample air conditioning!

Luckily, summer is the wet season on AMI, so you’re likely to see an afternoon shower cool off the island for the evening. The summer months usually see a 60%-70% chance of precipitation daily. The summer days are long on AMI with 13-14 hours of sunlight, so you’ll still have plenty of time to see the sights. Humidity is a big issue during the summer; levels throughout all three summer months are often considered oppressive or even miserable.

Mother watching son play in the ocean


Anna Maria Island in the fall is still warm but brings a welcome change from the hot summers. During the months of September, October, and November, expect high temperatures in the 80s and low temperatures in the 60s. This is the season where you’re most likely to experience cool mornings and evenings, with daily temperatures still warm enough for you to get in the water and enjoy your outdoor activities.

Precipitation chances are relatively low during fall in Anna Maria Island. While September is still in the wet season with a 40%-50% chance of rain, October and November see a lower chance at around 20%. It’s still pretty muggy during this time of year, but once the season starts to come to a close, the atmosphere becomes much more comfortable.


Finally, Anna Maria Island in the winter is a great time to escape the frigid cold that much of the rest of the United States experiences. Throughout December, January, and February, high temperatures stay in the low 70s, while lows can dip into the 50s. While this might not be the best time for water activities, you can take advantage of the many indoor activities in and around AMI.

Winter is the dry season on Anna Maria Island with an average precipitation chance of about 20%. Days are shorter in the winter with around 10-11 hours of daylight, but that’s still ample time to explore the sights and experience the excitement after dark, too! As far as humidity, winter is by far the most comfortable season on AMI. It’s only muggy about 20% of the time, so you should be able to breathe easy.

How to Prepare and What to Pack

AMI Dolphin Tours is the passion project of Captain Ben Webb, who has more than 45 years of experience on the waters of Anna Maria Island. Captain Ben loves working with kids and adults alike and teaching them all about the majestic dolphins that inhabit these waters. On every excursion, you can rest assured that you’re in good hands, as Captain Ben holds a Master Captain’s license from the United States Coast Guard.

The main Anna Maria Island Dolphin Tour is a two-hour excursion that takes you through the most beautiful waters of the Gulf of Mexico. You’ll learn all about your surroundings while looking out for incredible manatees and playful dolphins. Depending on the season, you might even be able to spot some wading birds when the grass flats are exposed. This tour can be public or private. Public tours last 1.5 hours and cost $35 per person. For a private tour with up to 19 passengers, adventures last 2 hours and cost $300 for the first 6 people, then $35 per person for every additional passenger.

Regardless of your clothes, there are a few more things you’ll want to bring for a memorable vacation. We recommend bringing a camera that’s separate from your phone; you’ll have more storage space for pictures and videos, you won’t run down the battery life on your phone, and you might even want to leave your phone in your room so you always stay in the moment! Other helpful items might include a first aid kit, chargers for your electronics, a cooler for your drinks and snacks, and a beach bag to help carry everything.

Plan Your Visit

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