Will You See Anna Maria Island Sea Turtles?

Thinking of coming to Anna Maria Island in November? Chances are, you are planning on looking for some sea turtles. With about five types of sea turtles, Anna Maria Island is a great place to spot these creatures.

Here’s our complete guide to spotting sea turtles during your AMI getaway.

About Sea Turtles in Florida

Anna Maria Island most commonly sees the Loggerhead variety of sea turtles, and you will be able to pick it out based on its very large head and blunt jawline, which are its defining features. It also has reddish-brown colored fins and a yellow body which makes it stand out from the rest.  

Other turtle species that you will find include leatherback and hawksbill turtles. You may find these species of turtles on the coastline of the beaches on Anna Maria Island foraging for food. You may also find the Kemp’s Ridley and Olive Ridley Sea turtles that might be in the area due to their migration patterns at this time of year. 

Sea Turtle Nesting Season

Nesting season is an important time for sea turtles, so it’s important to know their schedule and how you can avoid being a deterrent to them. The first nests of the season can be as early as May 1st and can run as late as the end of October. In 2018, Anna Maria Island saw over 534 Loggerhead sea turtle nests during the nesting season!

Do’s and Don’t’s

Since nesting season is so important for sea turtles, it is vital that guests make sure they are respectful to the turtles during this time. Turtles use their natural instincts to find their nesting areas through the reflection of the moon and stars on the surface of the water. Visitors to the area should be aware and make sure that they don’t shine any excessive light on these areas at night, potentially causing the turtles to get confused and not find their destination. So while you and your loved ones are enjoying your time at Anna Maria Island, be mindful of the amount of light pollution you are creating at night. We want to make sure that everyone, especially the turtles, has a safe and happy time during the nesting season. 

It is also important that visitors keep their space from the turtles as they nest. Seeing as sea turtles only leave the water for nesting, it is necessary for the beach to be free of obstructions. Anything stuck on the beach might cause the turtle to be trapped and die. It is suggested that guests stay about 50 feet away from the beach where turtles are present. If everyone follows these guidelines, you can be assured that not only will you and your traveling group have a great time visiting Anna Maria Island, but the turtles will also have a safe and successful nesting season.

Anna Maria Beachfront Resort

Anna Maria Beach Resort is one of the best places you can come to if you want to view the nesting activities. It is home to Manatee Public Beach off the Gulf Drive in Holmes Beach. The Manatee Public Beach is not only a great place to view turtles but also to barbecue and bike ride around the area. There are also many amenities on the beach that you can use to change and freshen up after your ventures. There really is not a bad spot to stay on the island, but Anna Maria Beach Resort is your best option for comfort, luxury, and accessibility during your time visiting Anna Maria Island during the nesting season. 

Plan Your Visit

Anna Maria Island is a great place to vacation if you are looking to spend time turtle-watching and experience what it is like to watch the nesting season for sea turtles.

With the rules in mind, you can have a great time watching turtles while also enjoying everything that the turtles have to offer.